Benjamin: A young John Lennon fan

After finishing an eye examination, Julie approached me and requested that I come to the [...]

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Sunglass Reminder

With summer upon us, it’s a good time to remind you of the potentially harmful [...]

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Review on Yelp

"I recently took my fiancee to see Dr. Tracy after she was going through optometrists [...]

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Baseball Photo Quiz Answers

Thank you for your interest in the baseball photo quiz. The only correct entry was [...]

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Help, it’s allergy season, my eyes are bothering me!

For those of you bothered by allergies this spring, here's an article I wrote with [...]

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Dr. Tracy’s Baseball Contest!

Many of you know I've been a lifelong sports fan and athlete. So I'm excited [...]

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EYE ON: Jane Gennaro

Artist, writer, performer, cartoonist, voice-over artist and illustrator Jane Gennaro has been seeing Dr. Tracy [...]

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Our new Retinal Camera takes digital images of your eyes, for your medical records

I am pleased to announce a new service: digital retinal photos, thanks to the acquisition [...]

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We will be open for business the next three Sundays: April 22, April 29, and May 6

In answer to increasing requests and inquiries about Sunday availability: we will be open on April [...]

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Dr. Joanne Ramirez is here to help with your eye care, while Dr. Gary Tracy skis the Alps

Most of Dr. Tracy's patients probably know that our favorite optometrist is fearlessly skiing the [...]

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