I am so glad I found you guys — otherwise I’d still be wearing dorky glasses! Now all my friends & family know where to go for glasses. Great collection & prices, and really outstanding service. I felt special. Thanks a million!
Salah B.


Their service was used for general eye care and purchasing of glasses. It was terrific service and it is a good organization. I am very pleased with the service.
Richard N., via Angie's List


My husband finally admitted he’s actually at the age for reading glasses (has been for a while) and he saw Dr. Tracy. Excellent exam, excellent prescription. He was pleased to have a great choice of frames, and didn’t have to have the half-frame look, which he didn’t want. Dr. Tracy and staff were as good as they were when my daughter and I went. Highly recommended!
Elizabeth, via Yelp


I recently took my fiancee to see Dr. Tracy after she was going through optometrists what seemed like left and right, not able to find one she liked. Well, now she is totally satisfied! She kept raving about how caring and thorough he is, which was no surprise to me. She came home with a gorgeous new pair of glasses and a fresh new prescription to boot. She wears her glasses all the time now, which she never used to do!
Steve M., via Yelp


I picked up my glasses on Saturday. Wow! What a difference. I strayed to another optometrist for the sake of insurance coverage and suffered mightily for what turned out to be a paltry savings. The service was miserable, their care unprofessional. Your testing, help with frame selection, and subsequent fitting, perfect. I’m back and here to stay.
Louis G., via Yelp


Thank you very much for all your care in fitting my glasses. I greatly appreciate your patience and persistence to assure the proper fit.
Thomas C.


Thank you for the care and attention regarding my eyeglasses. You are a gentleman. My gratitude is with you for your continued success.
Rev. Eugene Connelly


I was initially intrigued by the Time Out article that Dr. Tracy was John Lennon’s optometrist while he lived in NYC. I ended up purchasing 2 pair of glasses (sunglasses and regular).The staff was very friendly, helpful and understood my needs. There was a great selection of stylish frames too. I will be back for sure!
C.T., via Yelp


He tested and fitted me with my first pair of glasses (ever) and I found his manner thoroughly professional and reassuring.
Danny J., via Yelp


I just wanted you to know how completely happy I have been with my Minima glasses. They are so light you hardly know you are wearing them. Thanks very much to you and your staff for making this possible.
Louis G.


By far the best optometrist, staff, selection of glasses and service. I had a problem with my lenses and they remade them.


I have been wearing glasses for most of my life and have seen quite a few optometrists but Dr Tracy is the most knowledgeable I have ever met. I stopped wearing contact lenses because it made my eyes red and watery, because of Dr Tracy I can look cute again when I am going to a special occasion because he found me the right pair. Not cheap but worth every penny.
Pamela H.
Dr. Tracy was referred by my regular ophthalmologist who had difficulty fitting me with the correct soft contac lenses. I wear progressive eyeglasses and am a difficult case to treat. Dr. Tracy is exceptionatlly knowledgeable. He has extensive and detailed knowledge about not only the history of the subject but also all of the manufacturers and what are the latest developments in soft lens technology and the nuances from company to company, what works best in each situation in order to find the right fit. He took all the time needed to explain things clearly for me to understand each step of the process and why he was doing what he was doing. I saw him many times as he patiently worked with me trying various combinations and types of lenses to ensure I was happy with the result. His staff are all extremely pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. I also purchased two pair of eyeglasses and they were wonderful working with me to find the right style, price, and fit. Definitely a great team!
Geraldine Maslanka, via Angie's List


I adore Dr. Tracy. I’ve been a patient since 2009. Back then I was just a visitor from Los Angeles who desperately needed a new pair of contact lenses because my current pair was super old and scratching out my eyeballs. I googled optometrist on the UWS and went to the first one I came across–not a smart move and I promptly left. But then I found Dr. Tracy, thank goodness! He was amazing. I have a very high prescription plus astigmatism and he took the time to fit me with a perfect pair of lenses. Dr. Tracy also took the time to answer all my questions about eye health and the history of contact lenses. He was also the first New Yorker to encourage me to move to the city and when I did a year later, I was so happy to see him again. I’ve been a patient ever since. I live in the West Village now and while he’s all the way uptown, I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. I also found his staff to be very sweet. Preet was very kind and conscientious–she even compared prices for me on the web to make sure I was getting the best deal on my year’s supply of lenses.
Shaiza, via Yelp


The best in the city, hands down. I have major astigmatism. Dr. Tracy has been incredibly patient, investigative and has solved my problems over and over with specialized contacts. His pricing is more than fair. He is also extremely accessible. For his time, energy, perseverance and dedication, I literally owe it to him for allowing me to live a normal, productive and even highly athletic lifestyle. He is what healthcare should be. Highly recommended!
Pierre F., via Yelp


I’d never worn contact lenses before. Dr. Tracy fitted me with different lenses to find the best. It turned out that my eyes are extremely sensitive, and worked best with chemical-free solutions. It’s amazing how much time and care he took to get it right.
Doris Loayza, expressive arts educator; patient since 2007


My college-age daughter had problems with contacts not solved by a previous doctor who, in her words, “blew her off.” Dr. Tracy spent a lot of time with her and switched her to a more appropriate lens. We also both bought frames  we were “wowed”by the selection for both our age groups. Excellent help by the staff. I will be sending my husband there next!
Elizabeth P., via Yelp


Dr. Tracy is hands down the best optometrist I’ve ever had, and I’ve been seeing optometrists for over 35 years. He is the first, and only, optometrist who took the time, care and patience to find me a pair of contact lenses I could live with. He kept giving me different pairs to try on, until he found the perfect pair. No other doctor has ever done that for me. It broke my heart that I had to leave him behind in NY when I moved to San Diego. May the universe help me find my new Dr. Tracy!


I am a long time loyal patient. Dr. Tracy is exceptional and his staff friendly and helpful. I don’t mind paying for service and quality product, and I get both here. His recommendation to switch to daily lenses was spot on, a perfect solution for my lifestyle.
Kenneth M., via Yelp


In the 3 years that I have seen Dr. Tracy, I have been impressed by his commitment to both my sight and the health of my eyes. I think he’s a great doctor. When I first tried my contacts, I thought they were “good enough.” But he wanted to see them on me. It turned out that “good enough” could be better. He takes time to explain things to me during my exams. I now know what happens in my eyes because I have astigmatism. And his staff took quite a bit of time to teach me to put in and take out my contacts.
Katherine E., via Yelp
I think that as an optometrist, Dr. Tracy is very professional and thorough. He is a pleasant person and has an excellent bedside manner. This high level of care extends into the rest of the office. The receptionist is organized and very respectful of people’s time. The saleswoman who helped me was comprehensive and was quickly able to help me find frames that I really like. As for cost, if you need cheap glasses, this probably is not the place to go. I don’t think it’s expensive either – just a higher end operation, totally appropriate for the UWS. I have experienced terrible service and craftmanship at some of the chain stores, and this was a whole different ballgame. Totally satisfied customer here and would recommend to anyone who is self-pay or on the VSP plan.
Adam S., via Yelp


Thank you for everything you did to make my surgery a great success, and of course all the wonderful care over the years!
Noelle Nichols
It’s true that Gary Tracy is pricey, but I feel like I’ve gotten good value at this office. Very careful to get the right prescription (glasses and lenses) and comfort/fit (lenses). Staff is wonderful, and always willing to adjust frames when needed, with a smile. Recommended!
F.M, via Yelp


Had an amazingly thorough eye exam (thanks Dr. Tracy) at one of the friendliest Dr’s offices I’ve ever been in. The staff helped me with frame selection, so that I came away with a very updated look, which was my goal. Highly recommended.
Steve E., via Yelp


Great experience. Dr. Tracy was attentive, patient, and thorough. The staff didn’t pressure me at all to buy, in fact they matched prices and ordered many samples for me to look at. It was a great experience overall.
Terry, via Yelp


The patience, persistence, care and skill you displayed during my exam…resulted in the best lenses I have ever had.
R. Wiesel


I’m a college student and have been seeing Dr. Tracy for about 10 years. He and his staff are top-notch — extremely friendly and caring. You really feel taken care of there. His exams are very thorough and their products very high-quality. I have referred numerous friends. I am very active into sports and they always set me up with the most up-to-date contact lenses. They also recommended me a golf/tennis-specific Rudy Project sunglass frame with interchangeable lenses, which I absolutely love!
Steve M., via Yelp


I and my family have been going to Dr Tracy for years. His exams are very thorough and he explains and answers questions as he goes along. Most recently he has added great new lines of frames to choose from, and his staff is very friendly and helpful. It’s actually fun going to this Dr.’s office!


I’ve been seeing Dr. Tracy for 16 years, for exams, contacts, glasses, everything. I can’t imagine a better eye doctor. He’s incredibly thorough with his exams and fittings. And the store has a cool selection of frames. Chains are convenient, I guess, but I’d rather entrust my eyes to someone who offers personal service and knows my history.
Mitchell Teplitsky, filmmaker; patient since 1992


I’ve been seeing Dr. Tracy’s prescription improved my vision substantially. I enthusiastically recommend him. **Len came to me after several ophthalmologists told him his vision couldn’t be improved. He had many problems, including a detached retina, glaucoma and need for a corneal transplant. We went to work with an exhaustive series of tests. Len’s vision went from 20/100 to 20/50. – Dr. Tracy
Len M.
Highly recommended. I’ve been a loyal patient of Dr. Tracy’s for over 25 years. I trust him implicitly— he’s knowledgeable and experienced; has utmost integrity; is conscientious, kind and patient; takes the time and whatever steps are necessary – an honorable gentlemen. His practice feels like “a family business” – truly personal service as well as accommodating. That’s not easy to come by anymore, especially in New York City.
Barbara V.


In the past, I’ve felt like someone thrown into a conveyor belt with zero human interaction from doctors and their staff. Not here. Dr. Tracy took his time during the exam. He made it a fun/painless process and answered any questions I had. The front office staff was just as pleasant. They helped me find new frames that were extremely fun and fashionable. I left with designer frames and none of the designer store snootiness. A cool side note — he was John Lennon’s NYC optometrist!
Al R., via Yelp


Even Santas need eyecare! Roger’s been a client and friend since the 1970s, when he dropped by my first store on Columbus Avenue. Roger was a West Side institution even then, as Officer Krupke in the original West Side Story. By the way, Roger’s frames are based on an authentic 17th century design.
Dr. Tracy on Roger Franklin; Santa Claus; actor; client since the 1970’s


When I moved to Manhattan from Atlanta in 1995, I needed a good optometrist and found Dr. Tracy. I’ve been seeing him ever since. Thanks to Dr. Tracy, I can actually see the words I pen!
Russell Clay, poet; patient since 1995


Dr. Tracy is an incredibly caring, congenial, and gifted doctor. Russell and I are fortunate to know him.
Stephanie Cowell, novelist; patient since 1995


Dr. Tracy has been my eye-doctor nearly my whole life. He is the BEST! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my vision. He is endlessly patient and takes the time to explain things and be sure you are completely happy… He genuinely cares about his patients’ eye health and comfort. If there are any problems with my contacts, he is happy to exchange them or try to help me figure out a solution, which is invaluable. Everyone in his office is extremely friendly and helpful. I’ve bought several pairs of glasses in addition to being a regular contact lens customer, and had a great experience. He is one of the best optometrists. I highly recommend him!
Nicole P.


I love Dr. Gary! He is a wonderful, informative, patient, kind and knowledgeable doctor. I can’t say enough good things about my eye exam. The employees of the store are wonderful as well. The selection of frames are definitely well edited and stylish.
Megan L., via Yelp


As a film director, I rely on Gary to keep my sight sharp. He’s always on top of the latest technology and innovations.
Pamela Yates; filmmaker; patient since 1995


Dr. Tracy is wonderful!I have been going to him for 10 years and would not trust anyone else with my prescriptions. Everyone takes such good care of you with patience, expertise and warmth. He has a great reputation.
from Superpages.com


I fell in love with Dr. Tracy’s service a dozen years ago. I was just a poor student then, but he treated me as well as he did John Lennon, I’m sure! He was patient, thorough, and down-to-earth. Great quality and service at reasonable prices. We need more folks like Dr. Tracy!
Helen Ng; patient since 1998