Yoko Ono’s Personal Anti-Gun Message

The glasses pictured, worn by John Lennon, the night he was gunned down, will always [...]

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Eyeglasses and Vision in Movies

Eyewear is often worn by characters on screen. But in some movies, eyewear and vision [...]

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Vintage Frames

It isn’t often that unused vintage frames come on the market. We now have frames [...]

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Introducing Transition Vantage — the World’s First Polarized Transition Lens

Announcing an important new product here at Gary Tracy: Transition Vantage Lens, the world’s first [...]

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How to find your blind spot

Anyone with vision has a blind spot. (a zen parable for optometrists?) You can find [...]

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News Flash: Dr. Tracy on the radio tonight, talking about John Lennon

UPDATE: Here's the recording Dr. Tracy is a guest tonight on "The Beatledd Fab Four [...]

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A Contact Lens Tip

Contact Lens Tip: NEVER put liquid from any RED-tipped bottle directly into your eyes. Notice [...]

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Summer – Sports Glasses – Protect Your Eyes and Look Cool.

With the Olympics just over, we’d like to present our sports collection, featuring Rudy Project [...]

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Can Myopia (Nearsightedness) be Prevented?

Myopia, which you may know as nearsightedness, has become more common with each generation. It [...]

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Benjamin: A young John Lennon fan

After finishing an eye examination, Julie approached me and requested that I come to the [...]

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