There’s no such thing yet as a 100% scratch proof lens. But there are products available to keep scratches to a minimum. We’ve assembled a compact kit of our favorite products – including spray, a cleaning cloth and a “tip sheet” – that’s free with the purchase of any complete pair of glasses, or available for sale at a modest cost.

Tips on keeping your eyewear scratch free

  •  Rinse your glasses daily under running water to remove dirt and oil deposits or use a quality lens cleaning spray.
  •  If you have anti-reflective coating on your lenses, make sure the spray is approved for AR coatings.
  •  Never clean lenses while they are dry with a tissue or your shirt!
  •  Do not expose your glasses to extreme temperatures, i.e., leaving on the dashboard of the car.
  • Use two hands when removing frames from your face.
  • Never lay lenses face down on a surface, always fold the temples and lay temple-side down.
  • Do not attempt to bend the frames yourself. If they are uncomfortable or become misaligned, please allow our opticians to adjust them for you. Screws can become loose over time, and we will be happy to tighten or replace them as necessary.